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Learn How to Complete a Survey Completely Free


In order,to download files from our servers you need to complete a QUICK AND FREE SURVEY

Why Surveys?
We don't like leechers, and we don't like bots! So, a survey is a actually a spam and a human test. But don't worry,below you can read how you can complete a survey in less than 3 minutes. 

Take a look at the image below.Remember, over 80% of Surveys are Completely Free. You can complete these surveys in less than 3 minutes. Don't forget to read the tips under these images.

English Version

French Version

Pay attention to all these 5 tips.

 1.    Use a New and Different Email that you have never used before with a Survey to Unlock a Download. Using the same email that you have used before can result in the download not unlocking. Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail are all good email providers. 

 2.    GO SLOW. Do not try to rush through the survey or cookies will not have the time to track properly. Most Surveys have time limits and if completed to quickly they will not Unlock the Download. 

 3.    Use only Real Information when Completing the Survey. Affiliates Have Sophisticated Filters to eliminate modified  information and the download will not unlock. Using your real info will Increase your chances ten-fold of the Download Unlocking.

 4.    Confirm any confirmation emails sent to the email you used to while completing the survey. THIS THING IS VERY IMPORTANT

 5   Try different browsers. Firefox is best, Internet Explorer is known for being difficult.